Thursday, December 29, 2011

What shall be done?

What shall be done for a soul
with face turned away
from superlative Good--
perverse as vegetation grown
towards an incandescent bulb--
drawn by artificial light,
though planted in view of the sun?

What shall be done for a soul
left still for too long--
grown stale and dusty
like a glass of water placed
on some forgotten surface,
its contents fit only to be thrown out--
its surfaces in need of cleaning?

Redirect the twisted gaze;
pour pure water in the vase.
Draw the plant to sun's nourishing;
drown the stale drops with fresh, living stream.
Redeem the corrupted image divine;
oust apathy with new covenant wine.
Work in us Lord with irresistible might,
that we may will to and work for that in which you delight.

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