Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Besides being complicated, reality, in my experience, is usually odd. It is not neat, not obvious, not what you expect.... Reality, in fact, is usually something you could not have guessed
 -C.S. Lewis

We are creatures made to wonder, living in a wondrous reality--a reality exactly suited to our nature.
Perhaps then, there is type of satisfaction to be found in wondering--a type of fulfillment...

              when the last flares of evening light give leaves a heavenly aura.

    when lingering rain drops cling effulgently--natural ornaments to winter branches

Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Lesson

I was studying for my last Interterm test up by the Biola Organic Garden. It was one of the most beautiful afternoons I've experienced since returning to campus: mildly cool shade + tickling sunlight + the gentlest of zephyrs. As I read about phyto-chemicals and looked up from my book to concentrate on memorizing, the lilting of the trees caught my attention and wrested it from its current task. I quickly took out my notebook and scribbled the following:

The trees teach me
how to relax:
sturdy stumps remain rigid,
but limbs languidly lift and wave
in the wind,
shaking stiff arms
and phyto-phylanges -
preparation to perform work peacefully.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Why did not the lightning
as unclean feet
  approached the sacred throne,
  connected to impure body?
  (vessel all vile and unfit for use -
  lacquered hands, but dirty palms
  hid by clasp of prayer)
as distracted mind
  feigned full submission,
  with heart similarly false?
  (spirit's bowed knee all but mockery -
  lowly sheep with white wool unconvincing,
  disguising proud wolf)

Why instead did mercy
as water and blood
  from pierc├ęd side
  and ichor from thorn-clad brow?
  (bread broken and tapestry torn -
   wine prophesy-aged poured as
   new covenant life)
as stream from rock
  struck by shepherd's staff,
  quenching thirst of grumbling tongues?
  (men dead as the eponymous Sea -
   salt-crusted Glaucuses
  baptized into eternity)

Judgments unsearchable
and ways inscrutable
breed queries unanswerable

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Morning Chores

Morning wakes and 'gins her chores
sweeping away the dusty stars
mopping and bleaching the sky-floor pale
But the moon persists--
stubborn spot of Yesterday,
reviving in drowsy minds
a sense of Time's continuity