Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Why did not the lightning
as unclean feet
  approached the sacred throne,
  connected to impure body?
  (vessel all vile and unfit for use -
  lacquered hands, but dirty palms
  hid by clasp of prayer)
as distracted mind
  feigned full submission,
  with heart similarly false?
  (spirit's bowed knee all but mockery -
  lowly sheep with white wool unconvincing,
  disguising proud wolf)

Why instead did mercy
as water and blood
  from piercéd side
  and ichor from thorn-clad brow?
  (bread broken and tapestry torn -
   wine prophesy-aged poured as
   new covenant life)
as stream from rock
  struck by shepherd's staff,
  quenching thirst of grumbling tongues?
  (men dead as the eponymous Sea -
   salt-crusted Glaucuses
  baptized into eternity)

Judgments unsearchable
and ways inscrutable
breed queries unanswerable

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